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World Food Day-5th year of Fresh Food distributions in the Gaza Strip

Coinciding with World Food Day 2011, CARE West Bank and Gaza announces the start of their fifth consecutive year of Fresh Food distributions in the Gaza Strip, funded by the Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection.

World Food Day 2011 has been themed: “Food Prices – From Crisis to Stability”.

“On World Food Day 2011, let us look seriously at what causes swings in food prices, and do what needs to be done to reduce their impact on the weakest members of global society” [i]

In the Gaza strip, imposed import and export restrictions have distorted markets, affecting the availability and costs of food items. This difficult situation has been exacerbated by global food price increases, such as the increase in grain prices witnessed between August 2010 and March 2011[ii].

A recent survey revealed that Gaza households spend more than 60% of their household budget on food items[iii]. Food price increases have a significant impact on household spending patterns, forcing difficult trade-offs with other areas of household expenditure such as housing and education.

The continued distribution of fresh food items across the Gaza Strip helps to ensure that over 7000 of the most vulnerable households have improved access to food and an increased intake of essential nutrients. Furthermore, by sourcing food items from local farmers at a guaranteed fair price, the project has also helped 1200 farming households maintain control of their land and protect their livelihood.

CARE West Bank and Gaza is dedicated to further understanding the underlying causes of fluctuating food prices in the Gaza strip, and will continue to support local markets and offer a source of protection for vulnerable households.

Press Release: CARE International launches its fifth consecutive phase of Fresh Food Distribution in the Gaza Strip

CARE West Bank and Gaza

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