TATWEER Seed Multiplication Bank

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TATWEER Seed Multiplication Bank is a community run facility that has been operating since 2006 by the Jenin Governorate Farmers Association (JGFA). Its vision is to reduce vulnerability among communities in the Northern Jenin governorate through improving and sustaining food security and livelihood, enhancing farmers’ access to seeds, building their capacities to better manage natural resources and facilitating their access to markets.


And this Farmer quote:

“You ask me what change was brought by the seed bank? I would simply say that it changed our lives!

We feel more secure and independent when it comes to access to high quality seeds. The seeds are produced locally with no modifications in genes. We could tell the difference from

the improved quality and quantity of our crops, the reduction of production cost and the ability to preserve them for the coming seasons”

Seed Bank Case Study 2013