CARE's response to the 2014 Gaza crisis

CARE and its partner organization, Palestine Medical Relief Society (PMRS), visit local communities with four mobile health teams seeing more than 300 patients per day, providing basic health care to people living in affected communities by the ongoing violence. As of August 20, the teams had seen more 6800 patients, among them 3472 children and 159 pregnant women. 2000 households will receive hygiene kits. The health teams include medical staff and a psychosocial worker to help traumatized families, and will focus in particular on women’s health needs, particularly pre- and post-natal care for pregnant women and new mothers with infants. CARE’s long-term work with PMRS focuses on increasing women’s participation in improving community health.


CARE works in the five governorates in Gaza: North Gaza, Gaza city, Deir Al Balah, Khan Younis, and Rafah. Programs promote economic empowerment, primarily focusing on women and youth. CARE has temporarily suspended normal operations in Gaza, and will recommence once the security situation allows.

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International Women's Day

On this International Women’s Day, CARE International calls on all governments in the world to end violence against women. Here in the West Bank and Gaza, we celebrate the resilience of Palestinian women in the face of adversity and call upon all stakeholders to end all forms of violence against them – including the violence stemming from prolonged occupation of the Palestinian territory. The challenges and hopes of the Palestinian women are captured in the short photo-film below, paying respect to their determination to rebuild damaged lives after repeated outbreaks of violence in Gaza.

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CNN Interview

Ana Uzelac-CARE WBG Policy & Advocacy Manager- Interview on CNN Channel, during operation Pillar of Cloud on Gaza Strip.

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Yazdan Blog


November 16, 2012

“My Little Son Hazem”

Four years since the last offence in Gaza “Operation Cast Lead” during the winter of 2008/2009, where memories have been flashing back with every single explosion heard in Gaza since then.

I returned home on Wednesday, 14 November 2012 at around 4 pm after a long working day, which concluded with a series of air strikes on Gaza city, declaring the launching of an Israeli Operation “Pillar of Cloud”.  I had already planned to spend the long weekend with my kids and wife and extended family and friends celebrating the holidays, however we ended up trapped in our homes and only able to pray for Gaza and the people of Gaza to get safe out of this violence!

With every single explosion during the last three days, we all had to rush to my youngest son, Hazem who is 9 years old, to hold and calm him down!   We have noticed that Hazem is closing his ears with his fingers each time he hears the explosions or feels the house shaking as a result of the airstrikes, some of which are very close to our house.  Hazem told me that he feels better when he closes his ears, but remains afraid and in shock for a while.  For this we have become very attentive and tell Hazem every time we sense an airstrike, before bombardment, so he can cover his ears.

Hazem and all of us have been glued to the TV for the last three days it keeps us fully occupied, fascinated by what is going on outside!  Luckily Hazem, has a brother of about the same age, Mohammed who is 10.5 years old who helps me keeping Hazem busy and distracted from the bombing outside our window. We play tennis table, chat, tell stories and play the games we all like!

Hazem is setting next to me now while I am writing this with his two hands on his cheeks in anticipation of a new airstrike and asking me when this will be over.  Before I answer, another raid strikes close by, so I hold him as he inserts his fingers into his ears again!  Hazem fell asleep in my lap before I put him in bed,  I am hoping to have an answer for his question in the morning!

Yazdan El Amawi



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