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CARE International in the West Bank and Gaza, in partnership with national health care providers, is one of the main providers of basic health services in the occupied Palestinian territories; in some areas, it is the sole provider. CARE targets communities that are affected by forced measures and movement restrictions, i.e., with communities that are isolated by checkpoints, the separation wall or proximity to settlements, not to mention with communities affected by the Gaza blockade. It also works with isolated Bedouin communities.

The health program at CARE has touched over 1.5 million Palestinians. These communities are served with basic curative and preventive health care through mobile teams, equipment and medical supplies. These mobile clinic interventions are implemented with and through long-established partner organizations. In the West Bank, through PARTNER and PARTNER, they entail the provision of a general practitioner, a women’s health doctor, laboratory tests, medications and other health awareness activities. It also involves training of local community health focal points. In Gaza, through PARTNER and PARTNER, interventions focus on providing necessary equipment, disposables and medications to already existing health facilities and social institutions, and training as and when needed.

This 12-month project aims to improve marginalized Palestinians’ access to basic health care. The project facilitates mobile clinic visits to isolated West Bank communities, and distributes medical supplies to health facilities in Gaza.

Additional Info

  • Donor The European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO)
  • Implementing Partner Health Work Committees (HWC-WB) Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS-WBG)
  • Beneficiaries Health clinic: 30,000 visits in West Bank and 220,000 in Gaza
    Health Training: 10,000 individuals in West Bank
  • Budget 1 Million EUR
  • Timeline April 1, 2010 - March 31, 2011