Economic Empowerment


Our impact group’s vision, which drives our economic empowerment programming is that “By 2030, female and young Palestinians are empowered to fulfill their economic potential and contribute to a sustainable, equitable, and resilient Palestinian economy.”


Economic advancement for us is a strategic entry point for women and youth’s full empowerment. The vision is to increase income while simultaneously helping women and youth become change makers in their households and communities.



The Economic Empowerment Program impacted more than 180,000 people in 2018 through increasing their household income; expanded their skillsets, or were able to access new economic opportunities.


The Program has worked with, developed, and benefited hundreds of small and large enterprises with significant commercial linkages with vulnerable communities.


35 female-led CBOs and cooperatives improved their economic and social status and income as well as those of their communities!


CARE’s Innovative Approaches

-   CARE’s global women’s empowerment framework. Core to this approach is engagement of men and boys!

-   Private sector engagement and investment stimulation.

-   Market system and value chain development.

-   Nexus (integrated humanitarian with development) approaches where humanitarian response, rehabilitation, and development are integrated/bridged to lift vulnerable groups from dependency to self-reliance.

-   Social entrepreneurship: CARE is on a regional and global mission to harness the power of market and business forces for social impact. CARE has pioneered its award winning Social Entrepreneurship Lab or UptakePreneur, building on its proven model of accelerating more than 90 social enterprises and social market solutions since 2013.